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The Strange Attractor Series

This series was originally inspired by a kaliedoscopic photo of a quilt I made. All pieces in this series are made entirely of solid colored fabric, both hand-dyed and commercial.  This work can be seen from multiple dimensions: microscopic to the immensity of space. Often a color or texture will initiate a new piece. While my work is rarely driven by a story or concept, as each piece unfolds, stories arise. I come to see a cross-section, or an aerial view, or a magnification of infinitesimally small particles, or vastness, or all of these.  

This series draws its name from mathematics and Chaos Theory.  An "Attractor" is that which pulls you toward it. "Strange" attractors have a fractal structure, a repeating pattern at all dimensions.

Strange Attractor # 23, Cotton Fabric, 72h x 60w, $6500.JPG
Dead Sea.JPG
Living Sea.JPG
IMG_7650 (2).JPG
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